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Performance Testing

This kind of Test is known as part of None Functional Testing, and with it we are allowed to validate the quality requirements of a system application as response time of some functionalities, look for break points ...

 IVR Testing

 IVR Testing known as Interactive Voice Response Testing is used to validate primary the different call flows that a IVR system may have in its menu. The validation is not just validate the flow you can also validate functiona ... 

 BI Testing

 Business Intelligence Testing is used to validate the staging of the data, processes, information, ETLs in order to assure the information  is processed correctly ... 

  Agile Testing

Agile Testing is used for Agile Methodologies where the testing activities are done, but these are done with some little changes, we don´t have enough inputs for our testing, we don´t generate all the documents as traditional ...

 Automation Testing

 Automation Testing used for validate Regression Testing but this using Test Automation Tools, Automation Frameworks or code, allowing you to execute automatically test cases, reducing ...

 Security Testing

 Security Testing is known as part of None Functional Testing, with it we can validate that our application is safe from hacker attacks, doing it through the use of Security Applications that will allow you to validate ... 

 Manual Testing

 Manual Testing is used to validate what the system needs to do according to the specification requirements, and what the system not need to do ...

 Mobile Testing

 Do Software Testing to a it is not just focused just doing manual testing, you can do different kind of testing to your mobile as Manual, Automation, Performance, API ... 

 API Testing

 API Testing used to validate an specific amount of code this part of the code is called Application Program Interface to test the APIs we can use API Test tools or Automation Frameworks, we can do several kind ...